Men's Finest Pocket Square

Men's Finest Pocket Square

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About Men's Finest Pocket Square

Many of us dress a lot less formally than we used to – even those of us who work in professional environments. So, who in this day and age wants to leave the house wearing a bow tie or a pocket square?

The surprising answer is more people than you would imagine. At Men's Finest Pocket Square we design, manufacture and sell luxury handmade pocket squares and bow ties via our online site No stranger to the benefits that smart dressing can bring, and the benefits of creating best first impression. I created an online store, to help men look and feel good with the help of fashionable pocket squares and bow ties. Since launching in 2015 we have sold hundreds of products to men across Europe and each pocket square and bow tie is handmade at my home workshop in Liverpool.

“What we sell is a lifestyle. We allow people to put their best foot forward. We are very good at that.”

“As soon as you wear a bow tie you are on a different level. You can be casual but still cause a ‘wow,” he said. “These days if you go out on a Friday night you will almost certainly come across someone wearing a bow tie."

“For me, it is a conversation starter. If you are a shy person but you go out wearing a bow tie I guarantee someone will come up to you and say ‘I love your bow tie’."

“So many clients tell me that when they start wearing them, they attract so much attention.”

We are growing and fast. The ambition is to propel men's finest pocket square products from the boutique to pockets of men nationwide.


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 Men's Finest Pocket Square
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